The Universal Appeal of Disney’s “Frozen”

Warning! Spoiler alert if you have not seen “Frozen” (and still want to see it).

I have yet to meet a person that didn’t like the movie “Frozen”.  At the time of this writing, it is close to grossing over 350 million dollars.  I must admit, when I saw the trailers on TV during the busy holiday season, I was not impressed or interested.  I said to my wife, “That movie looks stupid.” However, the trailers were short and really didn’t give a glimpse into what the movie was about (plus I was grumpy from the crowded malls).frozen

Word of mouth is the most powerful advertisement (see the restaurant Babes if you need proof).  All I kept hearing from kids AND adults was how great “Frozen” was.  So during the middle of January I was finally able to see it.  I was amazed that the theater was packed with people from all generations – toddlers, teenagers, adults, and senior citizens.  My conclusion after seeing it??? They all were right – it is a great movie!!!  But why? Here is the list I came up with:

*It has all the “ingredients” that make up a great story – a fantasy world, heroes, villains, humor, adventure, beautiful music with catchy tunes, plot twists, stunning visuals, and good triumphing over evil.

*Advertising, lengthy trailers, and story “spoilers” were kept to a minimum. Why can’t Hollywood learn this lesson?  Why must we sit through 20+ minutes of previews before every movie?  “Frozen” had an element of mystery about it. 

*It was clean. There was nothing to be embarrassed about while watching it.

*The positive lessons for young men and women: 1) Be careful that you don’t mistake love for infatuation.  2) Make sure you truly know who someone is in a relationship – their good and bad traits.  3) True love is sacrificial – Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13)

So that’s my two cents – how about you?  Why do you think the movie is so popular?  Please leave a comment – thanks for reading 🙂

About David Rische

Christian, husband, father, grandfather, principal, teacher, writer and encourager. David lives in Keller, Texas and has been in public education for over 19 years. He enjoys family time, biking, reading, NFL and MLB, magic, board games, movies and making people laugh.
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2 Responses to The Universal Appeal of Disney’s “Frozen”

  1. LOVE THIS Dave! Had no idea you were blogging, but VERY glad to see it, and looking forward to receiving it regularly. I read them all, and LOVED them all! Thanks for the good words. And I have yet to see “Frozen,” but tried and failed several times during the holidays. Hope it is as good as a “leftover” as it was an entree!


  2. David Rische says:

    Thanks Kyle! I just signed up to follow your blog also 🙂 WordPress is pretty cool!


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