Brownie and Me

DSCF9200Yes, I borrowed my title idea from the highly successful book and movie. Anyway, today I was a little grumpy paying bills. I HAVE to pay the final installment from my dog’s second surgery within the last year.

Let me rephrase that . . . . .
I GET to pay the final installment from my dog’s surgery.

Author and motivational speaker Jon Gordon talks about being grateful, staying positive, and having a new perspective on circumstances – simply by switching the phrase “have to” with “get to”:

*I get to put gas in my car (sure beats walking and riding my bike everywhere – especially grocery shopping).
*I get to pay an electric bill (sure beats not having lighting, AC, and ESPN).
*I get to go to work (definitely beats being unemployed).

I think you get the picture.

Back to my dog Brownie.  The doctor saved her from paralysis in one surgery, and used a preventive process to hopefully extend her life in the second surgery. For all the joy she brings our family, I’m privileged to get to pay for her surgery.

*She eagerly greets us every morning – and is thrilled to see us when we come home.
*Brownie is my close companion when my wife has to travel.
*She is my wife’s constant bodyguard and shadow.
*The entire family disputes over who gets to sleep with her almost every night.
*At the drop of a hat, she will play a rousing game of chase or keep away – she doesn’t quite get the concept of “fetch” and “release.”
*She’ll take on any dog, cat, or repairman to “defend” our house and neighborhood.

I think you get the picture.

We can’t put a price on how much she means to our family.  Theologically sound or not, I believe that I’ll be reunited in Heaven with all of the dogs that have been such an important part of my life.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy every minute of Brownie and Me.

What pet has impacted your life the most?  Please comment below.  And don’t forget to click the “follow” prompt 🙂  Thanks for reading.

About David Rische

Christian, husband, father, grandfather, principal, teacher, writer and encourager. David lives in Keller, Texas and has been in public education for over 19 years. He enjoys family time, biking, reading, NFL and MLB, magic, board games, movies and making people laugh.
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4 Responses to Brownie and Me

  1. Gail Rische says:

    Need you ask—Muffin 🙂 :). Brownie second 🙂 :). Brownie is the sweetest little girl. Loved this.


  2. Debi Korte says:

    Hi. I hope you don’t mind, but I got this from your Mom, my cousin. I REALLY understand your positive attitude, especially after the year I have had. (If you don’t know, ask your Mom about it).
    Keep up the positive attitude. Love


  3. Sue Mueller Engstrom from MN! says:

    I agree about dogs having a place in heaven! They are such PURE love, there has to be a place for them! What kind of dog is Brownie? You inherited a writing gene from your Dad, David! Gail sent this to me, and I really enjoy it! Your Dad used to encourage me to write, but I never pursued it!!


  4. Great stuff, my friend! Such a wonderful point about gratitude and that we “get” to do things instead of “have” to do them. Just a little change in verbiage is a big deal.
    My special pet is Miss Hannah, our 16 year-old cat. She treats Rylee as though she is her baby, and she loves to lounge around the house, sit on our laps, or sleep on our feet. She’s a sweet, gentle, and kind kitty who even found a way to love a new kitten Rylee brought home a little over a year ago.
    I think our pets have a special place in heaven too, and God gives them to us as a special extension of His love.
    See you this afternoon when we get to hang out at principals’ meeting!


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