The Power of Being Positive

I was recently honored to be chosen for Jon Gordon’s latest Book Launch Team. This was my first time to be on a team like this, so I didn’t know what to expect. We basically read the book, posted quotes on a private FB page and Twitter, wrote a review on Amazon, and now encourage others to read/purchase it.

I have already read several of Gordon’s books – so I was envisioning a basic review of past material. Maybe a few motivational moments and inspirational stories woven throughout the chapters. This book FAR exceeded my expectations. It provides a tremendous life philosophy, testimonies of those living out his principles of positivity, and simple action steps you can immediately implement that will produce results. Don’t let the title fool you – everyone can be a leader somehow and somewhere. From the family room, boardroom, classroom (students and teachers), sports field (coaches and players), neighborhood, at any job in any position at any age, and church volunteers. All of us have the power to change ourselves and those around us in spite of circumstances. Here are my top ten quotes or insights from The Power of Positive Leadership (these come from the uncorrected proof version):

  1. “We are not positive because life is easy. We are positive because life can be hard.” (pg.7)
  2. “Pessimists don’t change the world. Critics write words but they don’t write the future. Naysayers talk about problems but they don’t solve them. Throughout history we see that it’s the optimists, the believers, the dreamers, the doers, and the positive leaders who change the world.” (pg. 9)
  3. “Your most important job as leader is to drive the culture – and not just any culture. You must create a positive culture that energizes and encourages people, fosters connected relationships and great teamwork, empowers and enables people to learn and grow, and provides an opportunity for people to do their best work.” (pg. 16)
  4. (From Dr. James Gills who completed a double triathlon six times, last when he was 59 years old): “I’ve learned to talk to myself instead of listen to myself.” (J. Gordon) “Too often we listen to ourselves and hear all the complaints, self-doubt, fear, and negativity that lead to unhappiness, failure and unfulfilled goals. But just because you have a negative thought doesn’t mean you have to believe it.” (pg. 52)
  5. “Anyone pursuing anything worthwhile will fail and fail often. I certainly have failed many times, but when I look back I realize I wasn’t failing, I was growing, I was becoming.” (pg. 54)
  6. ” . . . fear and faith have one thing in common. They both believe in a future that hasn’t happened yet.  . . .  Why wouldn’t we choose to believe in a positive future? Why wouldn’t we choose to believe our best days are ahead of us, not behind us.” (pg. 66)
  7. “One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is that they ignore the negativity within their team and organization. They allow it to breed and grow, and it eventually sabotages the team and organization. You must address the negativity. Confront it, transform it, or remove it.” (pg. 71)
  8. “People follow the leader first and their vision second. What you say is important, but who you are is even more important.” (pg.101)
  9. “Positive communicators also spread positive gossip. Instead of sharing negative gossip, be the kind of communicator who spreads positive news about people.” (pg. 111)
  10. “However with leadership comes scrutiny, praise, critics, and attacks. A leader could find a cure for cancer and would still have some people criticize them for it . . . Positive leaders don’t work in a tranquil sea of positivity, but in the storms of adversity and negativity. Leadership is knowing that the critics will criticize you but still saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to be done.” (pg. 175)

Phew! I could easily had triple the amount of quotes. This is a life changing book to have on your shelf, and re-read at least once a year. Available on Amazon or at your favorite retailer.


Dave 🙂



About David Rische

Christian, husband, father, grandfather, principal, teacher, writer and encourager. David lives in Keller, Texas and has been in public education for over 19 years. He enjoys family time, biking, reading, NFL and MLB, magic, board games, movies and making people laugh.
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  1. Gail Rische says:

    Excellent review…


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